House is a groove,

 Disco is a movement

 Soul is a feeling

 Funk is a rhythm

Music is a passion

– That is Jakob Lewes – 

Groovy sounds and energetic vocals that leave you with no other choice but wanting to move. Like an inner percussion that drums along with the beat. A deep feeling of contentment that takes you into a carefree time.

Jakob Lewes, born and established in Berlin, is a passionate musician with a deep love for harmonious sounds and joy that can be found in all of his songs.
Founded in classical music, his path led through many different genres and decades of music history. He draws inspiration especially from the late 70s & 80S, takes us from nostalgia to modernity. This is how the studied music producer succeeds in taking us into all these moments filled with harmony and sunshine.

Influenced by great artists such as Nile Rodgers, Eric Prydz, Daft Punk oder Stevie Wonder, he creates a sound that breaks out of the stereotypical image of electronic music. Soulful voices, plus jazzy & funky vibes, combined with house beats, serve so much more than one genre, which is going to significantly refresh the surrounding music landscape.

After his EP release with “New Waves” last year he passionately continued making music and focused on bringing his tracks on a whole new level. Jakob Lewes is not an ordinary electronic

DJ, he rather is telling us stories through his music and bringing us closer to conceive the pure bliss of those harmonic feel-good rhythms.
So be assured that in 2021 we can expect many live gigs with sensational music that will accompany us into those warm summer evenings until the sun rises again.

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