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„Turn me Out“ with the voice of legendary „Kathy Brown„. Turn me Out is a powered House Track from beginning to end with strong Piano riffs, a groovy Bassline and overall good vibes to dance.

Feel The Heat“ is one of the 4  track EP „Many Waves“. Jazzy vibes combined with the classy and knowing sample from FCL – It’s You/San Soda Panorama Mix (2013).


Make Me High“ is a groovy House Track with vocals from Linda. This Track is also placed on the EP „Many Waves. 

Got You“ wasn’t planned to take a part of the EP „Many Waves“. The track has a more electronic impact and the sound reminds on kind of psychedelic

As the name says: „Ducking Disco“ is based on Disco. Great following Bassline, catchy guitar riffs and classic vocal parts. Only good vibes!

Be Thankful what you’ve got – Grab a beer, get out in the sun – or better to the beach – and have fun with your friends while Karla.K is singing „Diamond In The Back“ 

This Mixtape is pure of Disco, Soul and Funk. 1 Hour of selected Tracks that brings you perfect through the day

A classy Mixtape of selected House Tracks. Move your Body!

Recorded @ the legendary Lützowbar and second home from David Bowie. A Mix to start your night right. 

Live @feelfestival b2b with my friend Mogli! 

Check out the Video

Let’s dig in to the „Spirit of House“ Mix with Jakob Lewes recorded live from Berlin … 2 hours and 45 min of Afro, Latin and groovy House Music. Enjoy listening!  

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